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An Acceleration program for building value

We invest 60K€ of services and 40K€ in cash – in exchange for 10% of the company’s equity.

The acceleration program for startups is a six-month process, but not only, it is a strategic partnership with a network of like-minded advisors and business people.

It grants access to extended expertise in fashion technology.

It means business, definitely.

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For revenue-generating startups with top notch teams providing innovative solutions to the fashion, luxury and retail industry.

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FTA Acceleration is a 6-month program where the startup and the FTA team work together to boost revenues. We operate through an integrated approach in marketing, business development and fundraising.

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Our goal is to help companies to boost their value by increasing their sales significantly.

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We provide access to our acknowledged and specialized network 30+ mentors who are working in the fashion and technology industries.


Excited to know more? Check out our FAQ

Which are the basic requirements to apply to Fashion Technology Accelerator’s acceleration program?

The startup should be already on the market, having tested an MVP and having already the first clients. This holds both for B2B and B2C.
Considering the sector, we only consider companies that are active in fashion, luxury, retail and accessories who show a strong technological or digital trait.

We do not select purely creative brands. However, if you are a fashion designer we have put together a short brief on the companies in our portfolio that could be of interest for you.

How does Fashion Technology Accelerator support the business development of startups?

We support the business development of startups through introduction to selected parties inside the Italian ecosystem, including brands, retailers and institutional partners. We also help in the definition of a dedicated sales and marketing strategy, including identifying leads, creating precise documentation and crafting quotes.

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