Acceleration Program (FAQ)

1. What is the deal between Fashion Technology Accelerator and the startup entering in the acceleration program?

FTA invests 60K € in services and 40K € in cash in exchange for 10% of the company’s equity.
We are expert business advisors involved in crafting the startup’s business (such as revenue analysis, KPIs definition, business development and more), defining the marketing strategy (brand development, positioning, buyer personas profiling, SEO, DEM, marketing automation, advertising and more), fundraising (crafting the documentation, reaching out to potential investors, organizing dedicated events), product optimization (UX analysis, technology assessment, discussions with stakeholders inside major companies) and much more.

You can also download the Acceleration Program to gather further information.

We define a tailored program for each of the companies willing to enter our portfolio. We do not work in batches, to provide maximum added value to the accelerated companies, finding solutions to problems in a timely and efficient manner.

We do not consider deals based on success fees for either successful fundraising rounds or business development activities.

2. Do accelerated companies need to relocate to Italy in order to participate to the program?

No, the team can keep on working from their hometown while coordinating with our team in weekly dedicated video calls. In case the company is B2B, we strongly suggest to be in Italy for at least two weeks during the program in order to properly introduce the startup to selected parties.

3. How does Fashion Technology Accelerator support the business development of startups?

We support the business development of startups through introduction to selected parties inside the Italian ecosystem, including brands, retailers and institutional partners. We also help in the definition of a dedicated sales and marketing strategy, including identifying leads, creating precise documentation and crafting quotes.

4. How does Fashion Technology Accelerator work with mentors?

We contact our mentors depending on the needs of the startups, defining a clear match between the company and the mentor’s experience. We organize structured conversations in which the company can gather precious insights from C-level executives and professionals.

5. What do partners of Fashion Technology Accelerator offer to startups?

Partners offer dedicated support and discounts. Our team has carefully selected the partners stemming from both our personal experience and startups’ feedbacks, leveraging on the most crucial activities of startups that are usually outsourced.

6. Which are the basic requirements to apply to Fashion Technology Accelerator's acceleration program?

The startup should be already on the market, having tested an MVP and having already the first clients. This holds both for B2B and B2C.
Considering the sector, we only consider companies that are active in fashion, luxury, retail and accessories who show a strong technological or digital trait.

We do not select purely creative brands. However, if you are a fashion designer we suggest you check out our portfolio, as various startups collaborate with fashion designers (such as Lone Design Club, Dressyoucan, Italian Artisan and others).

If you are still at your inception, we recommend checking out our blog for free training materials and our consulting sessions.

7. When can a startup apply to Fashion Technology Accelerator's acceleration program?

Always. We open calls on F6S at regular intervals but it’s possible to apply also reaching out to us directly contacting milan@ftaccelerator.it.

8. Would Fashion Technology Accelerator sign an NDA to view the documentation related to a startup?


9. Which information are needed to apply to Fashion Technology Accelerator's acceleration program?

A pitch is sufficient at a preliminary stage. It’s crucial to highlight the solution presented, including the market, competitors, relevant metrics and the experience of the team.

10. If you think you need further help, why don't you get in touch?

Every situation is different from each other, so if we haven’t answered all your questions so far, or you think that you need to address some specific topic, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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