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Digital Marketing: how to start?

Digital Marketing: how to start?

A digital marketing journey to speak the tongue your start-up needs.

As a start-upper, you’ve probably had an idea that you’re now trying to turn into a digital business. In the process of creating your start-up, probably you have been working on the development of a value proposition and a business plan. Perhaps you’ve been looking for funding sources and trying to assure optimum technological support for your services, through the creation of an e-commerce website or an app.

It has arrived the time for you to start becoming a digital marketing expert.

digital marketing concepts

You know well that the success of what you’ve been working on so far relies now on your ability to properly spread your value proposition. This guide in the form of an e-book collects the essential concepts of digital marketing, to give you a general vision of the challenge you’re about to front.

The aim of Digital Marketing 101 is encouraging you to start speaking the right slang, so that you can stand a fluent conversation with other marketers or with your digital agency.

Our purpose is helping you to develop your own marketing criteria and accelerate your digital marketing strategy planning, design and execution.
You’ll be able to answer many questions after carefully reading this e-book, as we have it structured for you to have a smooth sailing through the most relevant concepts and of digital marketing.

digital marketing

  • Targeting: What is a Buyer Persona? What is a Customer Journey Map?
  • SEM: Can I expect to attract traffic to a website without a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy?
  • SEO: How can I make my keywords strategy smart? Which are the tricks behind good titles, meta descriptions or headings?
  • PPC: Which advertising models are behind Paid Search Marketing? How may I evaluate my Paid Search Marketing Campaign?
  • Content: Why creating value is key in Content Marketing? What is Inbound Marketing and how can it help to achieve my goals?
  • Email Marketing: How can Automation help to my Email Marketing? How can I have more subscribers to my newsletters? 

These and many more questions are debated and discussed within our document, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to give us feedback and comment about your practices and results. We’d love to hear from you!


Digital Marketing: 101 concepts

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