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The mentoring program to grow your startup

We know what works – and what doesn’t.

Our team has accelerated over 30 startups and supported twice as many: we’ve scouted more than 1.000 projects in the past 4 years only. We know our market, and how you can possibly beat your competition.

We are constantly advising startups about their strategy.
Now – you can join the pack.

Our value proposition is simple:

Actionable, tailored insights.


Choose your plan

    • Starter
      • 30′ session
      • w/ 1 member of FTA Team
      • Free

    • Seat availability: 1 person per startup
    • Limit: 1 session per startup

Book it now

    • Pro
    • 60′ session
    • w/ FTA Team
    • € 99 per session (without VAT)

    • Seat availability: 1 person per startup
    • + Recap email




    • Growth
    • 3 x 60′ sessions
    • w/ FTA Team & Mentors
    • € 259 total (without VAT)

    • Seat availability: unlimited
    • + Recap email
    • + Dedicated report
    • + Mentors choice




Typical business questions our team can help you with:

  • \ What’s wrong with my website?
  • \ How can I optimize my sales funnels?
  • \ Am I ready for fundraising?
  • \ Which tools do you suggest to speed up my operations?
  • \ Is my positioning consistent?

The right people - and the right skills

Matteo Bonavitacola Head of Marketing and Communications at Fashion Technology Accelerator

Matteo Bonavitacola
Head of Marketing and Communications

Specialities & Skills
Creating a digital marketing roadmap
Defining online brand communications
Generating qualified business leads
Troubleshooting digital performances

Rebecca Sehlbach head of operations at Fashion Technology Accelerator

Rebecca Sehlbach
Head of Operations

Specialities & Skills
Speeding up operations
Creating a business plan
Refining business strategy
Analyzing business data

Giusy Cannone Fashion Technology Accelerator

Giusy Cannone
Chief Executive Officer

Specialities & Skills
Creating an investor pitch
Approaching new leads and clients
Managing the team
Business expansion in Italy

They said about us and our work

“Collaborating with FTA was one of the best moves we could do to take our startup to the next level.”

Pietro Allegretti
Chief Executive Officer

“FTA has made Vintag grow and brought valuable investors to support our venture going forward.”

Raffaello Bolognesi
Chief Executive Officer

“We have fine-tuned our product-market fit and benefited greatly from FTA’s extensive business network.”

Carlo Nuccio
Chief Executive Officer

Looking for a tailored consulting solution?

The journey never ends.

Is your startup beyond the early stage?

More developed startups still have plenty of questions.
We can address them.

Our value proposition remains the same:

Actionable, tailored insights.


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