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Decoded Fashion: Milan Edition 2016

Decoded Fashion: Milan Edition 2016

After the amazing experience we had at the Decoded Fashion Pitch, with XShüu Technologies and Askourt in the final selection, it’s time to discuss about #DFMilan 2016.

The Decoded Fashion’s event has reached its fourth edition in Italy, in partnership with E-Pitti, and we can say it has been a success. One of the most important gatherings in the worlds of fashion and technology, the Milan happening has really been many places into just one venue.


First and foremost, it has been the place to be for both fashion and tech industry people to converge and discuss with fellow colleagues about cross-sector scenarios, digital trends, and opportunities. It has been the right spot for startups and young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, get in touch with potential mentors, business angels, and possible investors.

And, last but not least, it has been the vibrant place where key corporate people could find new ideas and resources to their businesses, discovering startups devoted to fashion and new tools. Many great opinion leaders and work addicts have populated the stage and the crowd, and different themes have been drawn to the attention of the public.

From a marketing standpoint, many attendees pointed out about what we would like to call the “new consumer-centrism era”. Now more than ever, marketers, retailers, and designers agree about the fact that the game of brand communication is finally owned by customers. No wonder, the power of social media and content production has been in the limelight, dissected a lot for this discussion.

Fashion Technology Accelerator Team at Decoded Fashion 2016

In our opinion, brands must remain authentic to themselves while being able to understand that there are less and fewer degrees of separation between their own world and the outer space or market. Therefore, understanding the buyer personas and speaking their language properly, without “faking the flow”, is crucial now.

Next, as a direct reflection of the humongous impact of social media marketing and spontaneous interaction that many customers have with brands and products, another relevant topic came to attention:
the necessity to harness the power of this unpredictable flow of information. And, maybe, leverage it, too.

Big data, then! How can software and apps enhance e-commerce strategies for large and small brands?
Big question. Simple answer: understanding customer’s needs and spaces. In the same vein as Askourt does with social recommendations, for instance, there is tremendous space of growth for startups able to shorten the path between offer and demand. The key for the industry now is learning to read in between the market’s lines, emotionally and strategically.

Since the difference between understanding and seizing an opportunity nowadays can land real business advantages, the massive presence of tech startups able to generate leads through social media and influencer marketing has been highly regarded. But not only.


The victory of Wallen Mphepö and Xshüu at the Fashion Pitch is also an important signal. Other than thirst of news on the digital service and marketing side, the industry is ready and willing to see happening product innovation in unexpected ways. The patented e-Paper Xshüu put together, as simple as it is, can really open new scenarios for customization and data collection for a wide number of industries. From fashion to automotive, the “wearables” concept starts to levitate towards new heights.

Needless to say, we have been pleased and honored to participate as official partners of the event, and lucky fellows of Gruppo Miroglio and Intesa SanPaolo in this task. There is still a lot to do in terms of digital alphabetization for fashion. And, on the other hand, a lot of opportunities to make technology more fashionable. This is our challenge, this is what we are here for, and we definitely love it!

Looking further to another Decoded Fashion event, see you in Milano!

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