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Fashion Tech Masterclass for Startups

Training opportunities for your fashion startup

Online: our 1-hour masterclass to create a strategic canvas

Always available
Language: English

Offline: our dedicated bootcamp to dig deeper

Next edition: 27-29 May 2020
Language: English
Via Forcella, 13 Milan

Price € 490 (+ VAT for Italian companies)



Fashion Digital Bootcamp (11)

Fashion Tech Masterclass:
a course to expand your horizon

Fashion Tech Masterclass is a unique chance to discover
how to be a top player in the fashion and digital market,
regardless of your background.

In an intensive three-day boot camp,
you are going to be trained to improve your business strength
and digital skills, for your own brand’s or project health.

In the heart of Milan’s fashion ecosystem, among industry leaders,
qualified mentors and fellow colleagues,
your business idea will thrive and attain new heights.

The Fashion Tech Master Class course revolves around 3 main pillars:

  • Fashion: be up-to-date and inspired, learn tips & tricks from within the industry
  • Digital: discover how you can be faster and smarter in online marketing
  • Financials: master your knowledge in data and numbers to enhance your business


Fashion Technology – best practices of the market

  • Trends: knowing them is one thing. But leveraging them?
    Learn how to harness and leverage the power of trends’ research,
    observe the market and dive into selected business case studies.


  • Branding: beating the competition is tough. Do you have what it takes?
    What about the essential elements of branding intended to make
    a product as we know it? From brand identity to image, positioning
    and personality, to a full product experience.


  • Value: no business can survive without creating value. Are you creating it?
    How would you define your value chain? Discover all necessary elements
    to link opportunities and customer’s needs to your business, brand or product.


  • Industry leaders: what are they doing differently?
    No matter the size of your company, how big you need
    to think to achieve your goals? Insights from the best in class.

Digital for Fashion Tech – what you need

  • Marketing: you are crafting a strategy. What about results?
    What’s the difference between SEO and SEM? Is it easier doing PPC or Email Marketing?
    What about affiliate, inbound, content, social media? Deep dive in digital marketing essentials.


  • Tools: to grow, you need to scale. How can optimize your performance?
    Different needs, same game. Apply your digital strategy using
    different digital tools, plus enhance it with some tips and tricks
    to master the essential digital marketing techniques.


  • UX and UI: customer experience is key. Are you ready for the next step?
    Even if you’re not a UX designer, it is always safe to learn the basics,
    so UX and UI principles will be at hand. What is the difference
    between user interaction and experience? Come learn it.


  • Startups: different markets, same problems. What to learn?
    The rumbling world of start-ups isn’t always fun, but from common problems
    can arise peculiar opportunities for those able to read in between
    the market lines. Major learning points for entrepreneurship.

Financials for Fashion Tech – master the KPIs

  • Business Planning: a nightmare for most startups. How to optimize it?
    What are the key elements of business planning?
    You have few assets to achieve your goals
    and put in place your vision, learn how to maximize
    your financial resources and business efforts.


  • KPIs & Financials: what you need vs what you track. What to do?
    Key performance indicators organization and screening techniques
    to have your business in full control, at a glance. Effective management.


  • Pitch: you already have one. How to improve it?
    Improve your sales message or simply fact check your idea?
    What’s the best and most effective way pitch your idea?


  • Fundraising: you are raising money. What are the key steps?
    Time to fund-raise and approach potential investors, VCs, partners,
    prospects: how are you organizing the money request, the financial projections and everything else?

Some of the Masterclass Lecturers


Leonardo Raineri
Innovation Manager at Miroglio Group
(Elena Mirò, Motivi, Caractère)


Annamaria Tartaglia
Professional with C-level experience in Fashion
(Superga, Trussardi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Value Retail)


Matteo Lo Manto
Partner of Glueglue, leading UX design agency

Is Fashion Tech Masterclass course for me?

A fashion digital boot camp from the leaders

In Fashion Technology Accelerator, after having tailored different acceleration programs for more than 20 startups,
analyzed over 1.500 business projects and collaborated with countless brands,
we have a qualified expertise in the fashion technology arena.

Fashion Digital Bootcamp (11)

If you’re ready to challenge your limits and expand your horizon,
and you’re one of the following categories:

a fashion brand, willing to launch or improve its online presence;

a fashion technology startup, about to strengthen its B2B game;

a freelance, looking forward to mastering his competences in the fashion industry;

then the Fashion Tech Masterclass is the right program for you.

If you have any specific questions, or simply would like to learn more about it,
please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure hearing from you.

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