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Corporate Services for Digital Transformation and Innovation

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Companies and corporate businesses in Fashion, Luxury and Retail industry need a qualified partner to be assisted in their digital innovation processes.

Thanks to its extensive experience in dealing with international startups in the fashion and technology arena, we know your problems.

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Digital Transformation


FTA provides corporate services to the fashion industry, giving companies insights and support for their digital transformation. They can access and integrate the latest and best innovative solutions and trends.

Technology Scouting

Quarterly monitoring and reporting of technological solutions that could be relevant for the company, according to requirements defined in order to gain a competitive edge.


Supporting the company to build an acceleration program dedicated to select and develop the best international startups that solve specific needs defined by the company (i.e. retail evolution, smart textiles, etc.).


Empowering selected employees on the best practices available on trends currently shaping the fashion world through international experts and meetings with fashion tech startups.

SV Innovation Transfer

A portfolio of services and programs designed to support corporate organization to promote and manage technology innovation transfer projects based in Silicon Valley.

Our Customers Include

Silicon Valley Innovation Tour

Discovering new technologies through a weekly tour with established companies and startups

Technology Scouting

Searching for the best Italian startups in sustainable fashion

Technology Scouting

Searching for the best European B2B startups in retail and supply chain

Technology Scouting

Searching for the best startups merging technology and design

Technology Scouting

Searching for the best European startups in fashion – Decoded Fashion Milan event